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I. Company Profile:

Because of dream and insistence, Liuyishou Dining Management (Group) Co., LTD has been gradually developing in overseas markets since 2010 when it opened the first overseas store in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It founded Liuyishou International Management Co., LTD in 2014, which focuses on the overseas market development by adhering to the strategic core of global brand chain. Currently more than 10 overseas restaurants, and also North America Branch and Australia Branch have been set up, with a brand coverage across Asia, North America, Oceania and Europe. Liuyishou franchised restaurants spread in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries. Liuyishou has become one of the leading brands in the industry abroad. Meanwhile, Liuyishou Group is committed to build the first global platform for hot pot.

II. Five-year Development Plan (Y2016-2020) :

1. Liuyishou International Management Co., LTD: Liuyishou International Management Co., LTD is planning to gradually establish branches in Canada, the United States, and Europe, and vigorously develop the regional joint business and franchised restaurants based these branches so as to realize the rapid global coverage of the brand.
2. North America Branch: North America Branch is planning to vigorously develop the North American market, establish jointly operated restaurants, set up a logistics center, and rapidly become a leading brand in the industry in the North American market.
3. Australia Branch: Australia Branch is planning to realize the diversified development and innovation for the brand business from singleness to diversity, create new profiting carriers and business models, and establish a base for origin procurement to cover all restaurants around the world.
4. Europe Branch: Europe Branch is planning to rely on the brand influence, sustainably develop brand chain and franchised cooperation, and rapidly implement the brand coverage in the European market.

III. Part of Overseas Restaurants in Business Overseas:

Dubai Restaurant #1, Dubai Restaurant #2, Golden Delta Restaurant in Laos, Da Nang Restaurant in Vietnam, Sydney Restaurant #1, Richmond Restaurant in Vancouver, Robson Restaurant in Vancouver, Toronto Restaurant, Paris Restaurant #1

IV. Part of Overseas Restaurants in Preparation Overseas:

Indonesia Restaurant #1, Dr Hill Restaurant in Melbourne, Ottawa Restaurant, Sydney Restaurant #2, Paris Restaurant #2, America Restaurant #1, America Restaurant #2, America Restaurant #3

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