qq分分彩开奖记录 CEO Speech

Dear friends:


On behalf of Liuyishou, I sincerely welcome you to become a member of our big family!

Through our effort, Chongqing Liuyishou(group) Co., Ltd. has become a large chain enterprise with nearly 500 branch restaurants including over 20,000 employees, reputed all over China and the United States, the united Arab emirates, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Laos, Indonesia, and other countries and regions, its contains Liuyishou Hotpot, Liuyishou heart hotpot, 61°C Hot pot, Hot More, Laotangcai, Xinjiao, Forest fairy tale and other multiple brands. Liuyishou ranked the sixth place in China’s top 100 restaurant in 2015, ranked the second place in China’s top 10 hotpot. We create More than 3.7 billion RMB worth of business internationalization restaurant group. Your participation enlarges the team of Liuyishou and enhances the confidence of Liuyishou to win during the fierce competitions. Liuyishou will have a bright future through mutual exchange and study.


Together we pursue to set up a platform of hotpot ecosystem.

We stick to be faithful and our customer first!

We adhere to the service principle that do our best for your satisfaction!

We insist the straightforward quality that join us then be a friend of ours!

Progress comes from diligence and business develops from honesty is the reason why we survive!

We are making every effort to provide you with service and support as we are family is the same dream!

Dear friends! Let us work together with absolute sincerity for our bright future!